Nuevo Libro de Óscar Barros: “Modeling and Design of Complex Multilevel EA: The Business Process Pattern Approach”

El profesor Óscar Barros generó un nueva mirada de la Arquitectura Empresarial (Enterprise Architecture en inglés – EA).

Abstract (en Inglés)

This paper shows how a systemic and formal Enterprise Architecture design can be performed for complex situations where a multilevel structure exists, due to the characteristics of the business. The key feature of our proposal is to use general patterns previously developed as a model for a particular design case, by means of its specialization to such case. This approach has been used in many situations and proved applicable. We show here two very different cases where the general pattern has made possible the fast generation of proposals for a new EA in very complex businesses. Particularly impressive is the case of the Electrical Distribution Company, which is the result of a one week of work with the executives of the company. The use of the pattern and the methodology we propose above allowed fast design of a new EA, which was the basis for the definition of several projects needed for its implementation. Hence, this paper shows the value of having a frame of reference, as the one we propose, for producing results in much shorter times that the ones usually experienced in projects of this type.

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